President Barack Obama's inauguration was one of the most watched and highest attended in America's history. Forty-eight hours after 1.5 million people swarmed the capitol, everyone is still talking about the historic event.


An Historic Inauguration

Inside Edition's Deborah Norville joins the show via satellite from Washington to recap the highlights of the ceremony and celebration. 


"The mood here is like New Year's Eve." 



America's Expectations

Now that the party's over, what happens next? President Obama has made some ambitious promises to the country " but can he really deliver? Controversial TV commentator Ann Coulter and Fox News Radio host Alan Colmes face off. 


 Is Obama equal to the promises he's made?



To Betray a President? 

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellen joins the discussion. Scott wrote a memoir about his experience with, and criticism of, the Bush administration. He shares why he now supports President Obama. Plus, Dr. Phil questions Ann about her view on single mothers. 


"Single motherhood is responsible for most of our social problems." 



The Reality of Your Wallet

Financial expert and author David Gardner talks about where the economy is headed this year and what it could mean for you. Plus, he gives his top five tips for surviving a recession.


Will we find some relief in 2009?