The cost of rage is high. It takes its toll, not only on the one who's raging, but also on any innocent bystanders. Dr. Phil continues his in-depth look at the price of rage.


Still Lashing Out?

When Isabella first appeared on the show, cameras installed in her home captured her outrageous behavior. Find out how she felt when the audience "awed" her. And, Dr. Phil delves down to the root of her rage. You won't believe what she admits. 


"The truth is I just don't care."



A Family Affair

Isabella says that her mom, Mary, often triggers her rage-filled outbursts. Meet Mary and Isabella's sister, Nicole, and get their take on Isabella's behavior.


"She did slap me around a lot."



Are Hormones Causing the Rages? 

Isabella visited Dr. Frank Lawlis at his PNP Center. He reveals the results of her evaluation and the steps she should take to change her behavior. And, Robin McGraw shares advice from her new book What's Age Got to Do with It.


"This is something you cannot handle on your own."



Fearful of His Own Behavior

Stuart says his rage is like a train on a collision course, and he unleashes on everyone from his family members to strangers. His wife, Tamrah, worries for their teen son. And, hear from a man on the receiving end of Stuart's ranting.


Why is Stuart filled with so much anger?