More than 80 percent of the jobs lost in this recession belonged to men. Marriages turn upside down as more and more women re-enter the workforce, while the men become stay-at-home dads. Dr. Phil speaks with families struggling to deal with the role reversal.


Who Brings Home the Bacon?

Why does it hurt a man's pride to become a househusband? And, how do the women feel having to dust off their resumes and become the breadwinner? Dr. Phil leads a discussion with men and women in his audience. 


"Men are supposed to work. Women are supposed to stay at home." 



Mr. Mom

Frank retired, while his wife, Tammy, continued working. Frank says he's become a 64-year-old Mr. Mom, and it's harder than the job he had before. Tammy says Frank is failing miserably at caring for the house, and she's ready to leave him.


"This is not how I pictured my retirement."



Who's the Boss?

Brad quit his job to become what he thought was a partner in his wife, Amy's, event-planning business. Now, three years later, Brad says there isn't a 50-50 partnership, and Amy is definitely more of his boss than his wife.


"If Brad weren't my husband, I would've fired him a long time ago."



How to Find Work

Brad Karsh is the president and founder of Job Bound, a career consulting company. Read his top five tips for finding a job. 


"People get laid off. You're not the only one."