Do you struggle to make ends meet? Dr. Phil and his financial experts offer tips on how to live on less, where to make a few extra bucks, how to find a job and how to turn your financial ruin around. Learn how to increase your cash flow and breathe a little easier during these difficult financial times.


Desperate Times

Jay and Erin are newlyweds who say that money is so tight, they only eat one meal a day. They've only been married two-and-a-half months, but Erin says they feel like an old married couple who fights over finances every day. Erin says she feels like her husband is not doing enough to bring in the dough and spends too much time and money on his unusual hobby. Finance expert Liz Pulliam Weston lays it on the line.


"You two are in a crisis situation."



Spinning His Wheels?

Terry and Julie are unemployed spouses who live off their credit cards. Julie thinks her husband should do more than just search for a job on the Internet. Recruitment Specialist Tony Beshara gives his tips to write a winning résumé, nail the interview and land the job.  


"They don't hire people over the Internet. They hire people who come in and say, 'Hi. I'm here. You need to hire me, and here's why.'"


Back from the Brink

When Brandy and Greg first spoke with Dr. Phil, they had maxed out their credit cards, owed thousands to their family and friends, and the stress was taking its toll on their marriage. Best-selling author and self-made millionaire Loral Langemeier explains how they turned it all around in only six months. 


See where they started and how far they've come!