It's a story that has parents hugging their children a little tighter. Seventeen-year-old Brittanee Drexel recently went to Myrtle Beach for spring break against her parents' wishes, and she hasn't been seen since. Did the high school junior run away, or is something more sinister behind her disappearance?


A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Brittanee's mother, Dawn, joins the show via satellite from South Carolina, where she is intensely searching for her daughter. What is the grieving mom's theory about what happened that fateful night? Brittanee's father, Chad, gives Dr. Phil his reasons for believing that the teen ran away.


"Everything doesn't match up."


Breaking the Silence

Peter Brozowitz, reportedly one of the last people with Brittanee the night she disappeared, speaks out for the first time. Will his recollections shed light on the missing teen? Find out why Dawn and Chad say they doubt his sincerity.


"It just seemed like you knew something that you weren't telling me."


A National Tragedy

Susan Smith made headlines in 1994 when she tearfully pleaded for the return of her two young sons, whom she said were the victims of a carjacking. The nation was stunned when the mom later confessed to murdering her kids.


An expert explains what motivates some mothers to kill their offspring.


Punishment in Overdrive?

Tongues wagged when a New York woman allegedly kicked her two daughters out of the car for squabbling. Did she take her punishment too far? Two moms in the audience weigh in.


What does Dr. Phil think? 



If you have seen Brittanee Drexel, or have any information about her whereabouts, please call the Myrtle Beach Police Department at (843) 918-1300 or The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. You can also visit the Web site: