Do you feel like your heart is racing, your mind is all over the place, and you just can't focus? Do you live in fear of losing your job or your house? If life is getting to you, and you're tossing and turning all night long, you are not alone. Dr. Phil speaks with guests struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety of their daily lives. Learn how to manage emotional turmoil, sleep like a baby and finally get some peace!


Stressed to the Max

Kris is a busy working mother of four who is stressed to the breaking point. She has trouble saying no and has so much to do, she never gets enough rest. She takes sleep medication, is prone to migraines and says she just can't keep up.


"You're wearing yourself to a frazzle."



How to Manage Stress and Anxiety

Dr. Frank Lawlis is the chairman of the Dr. Phil advisory board and the author of The Stress Answer. He explains some strategies for reducing stress and anxiety.  


Learn how you can finally get some peace in your life.



A Matter of Survival

Paula's health depends on her staying stress-free, but she and her husband, John, are overwhelmed by anxiety and losing sleep.  


"I had a heart transplant in 1993. My doctors told me to avoid stress."



How to Get Better Sleep

Dr. Craig Schwimmer is the founder and medical director of The Snoring Center in Dallas. He explains how you can create better sleep hygiene for getting more and better quality rest. 


Learn the steps for sleeping like a baby.