As unemployment rates increase and bills go unpaid, many spouses are turning on each other. Today's guests are a husband and wife, Jennifer and Ben, who are engaged in an ugly war. Contributing to the chaos is Ben's mother, Jamie, who lives with them. Can Dr. Phil help this family from cracking under the pressure?


At Their Breaking Point

Jennifer and Ben are desperate for help to save their family. They say they fight nonstop, often calling each other names, and are on the verge of divorce.


Dr. Phil cameras installed in their home capture their harsh reality.



Adding to the Turmoil

Jennifer says she and Ben have always had conflict in their marriage, but the situation became unbearable when her mother-in-law, Jamie, moved in recently. Jamie says Jennifer goes out of her way to alienate her and makes her feel like a burden.

Does Jamie blur the boundaries and cross the line?




Jamie suffered an accident and was stuck in her home for four days before being rescued. Find out why she blames Ben for her predicament.


An important message for Ben.



Moving in the Right Direction
Dr. Phil tells the couple what they must do so their marriage will survive.


"You've got to be willing to say, ‘I'm going to make the hard decisions and deal with reality.'"


Find out how this family is doing now!