Pat claims that every night after she falls asleep, she is injected with poison, sometimes up to 100 times. She says she is convinced that her husband, Mira, is poisoning her while she sleeps, as well as poisoning her food, so he can molest their three teen daughters. She claims he has molested the girls at least 1,000 times and says she has video evidence.

Mira, however, adamantly denies the allegations and says his wife’s accusations are part of a delusional and paranoid mental illness, and he is desperate to get her help.

WATCH: Dr. Phil Reviews Toxicology Report Of Woman Who Claims Husband Is Poisoning Her

In the video above from Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, the three teen daughters tell Dr. Phil what it’s like being caught in the middle of their parents’ fighting. And, they respond to the abuse allegations. What do they want from their father and mother?

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