Some say the dumbing down of America is happening in classrooms throughout the country. Teachers are reporting that some schools are deliberately lowering the level of difficulty, and they are being told to teach their students at a grade level much lower than their grade.
Dr. Ingrid Haynes, Director of the National Literacy Institute, says the literacy statistics of children -- and adults -- in the United States is alarming.

“We’re right now at 130 million adults not reading on grade level, reading below grade level, or do not have the basic reading skills,” Dr. Haynes says. “Basic skills of doing life, many of our Americans are struggling because of their literacy rate.”
Hear more from Dr. Haynes in the video above, including what she says she believes may be contributing to the shocking literacy rate in America.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Dumbing Down America,” Dr. Phil discusses the teacher shortage, the “Great Resignation” of teachers, low student standards, teacher frustrations, and new laws in states like Arizona that put teachers with non-traditional backgrounds in classrooms. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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