Dr. Phil is back on the streets of New York answering your questions! From park benches to pizza parlors and taxicabs, he tackles big questions from the Big Apple. And Dr. Phil answers a personal question about himself!



Singles in the City

Carolina, 34, admits she has zero game when it comes to dating in New York City. She says she's an open book and may come on too strong. "I don't know how to tell the white lies that you might need to tell while dating," she says. She wants to know if she has to be a game player in order to get a boyfriend.


Danielle, 25, has been dating a guy for three months and is ready to have the "talk." She says she's had a lot of bad relationships, and this is only the second guy she's seriously felt a connection with. "I'm worried to have the talk with guys because I don't want to ruin a good thing, but I'm ready for a boyfriend," she says. 

Gina, 28, says she's a professional dater who doesn't have a problem getting a date. "My goal for a while was to date as many nationalities as I could. It was like a sport," she shares. She wants to know why she attracts the wrong guys. 

Will a cab ride with Dr. Phil get these ladies moving in the dating scene? And, a comedian makes a surprise visit! Tune in!




Scarred for Life?

When Tracey was 14 years old, her house caught fire in the middle of the night, killing her parents and two younger sisters, and severely injuring her and her brother, Terry, whom she saved. When they were found in the fire, she and Terry were technically dead. She had a 10 percent chance of surviving, and her brother a 50 percent chance. After a three month hospital stay, Tracey and Terry went to live with their paternal grandmother. Six months later, Terry was sent to live with their uncle, and shortly thereafter was sent to boarding school.


When Tracey turned 18, she moved out of the house and met a man, whom she married. When that relationship ended, she met her current boyfriend, whom she has been dating on and off for three years. "We'd been together for a year when he told me he couldn't ever get past my scars," she shares. But she stayed with him. She says he's been supportive lately, but she is still trying to figure out why men won't love her.


Can Dr. Phil help Tracey save herself? Tune in to see this emotional story.




Heart-to-Heart in the Park
"On a daily basis, Krysten breaks my heart," says Jim, 22. He says his wife talks to, dates and sleeps with other men but gets mad at him if he has a conversation with another girl. Currently, the couple is on a break and hopes to reconcile their relationship. Jim wants to know if people can takes breaks in marriage and still make it work.

Krysten, 20, admits she's cheated on her husband. Since their separation, she says she feels lost. "I have a difficult time believing that any male loves me. Getting attention from guys makes me feel wanted and makes me feel good about myself," she shares. She says that her husband wasn't there for her emotionally when she cheated. She wants to know if they should divorce or try to work things out.


Should this couple call it quits? Tune in to see what Dr. Phil thinks.



Sylvia Woods is the "Queen of Soul Food" and owner of the world-famous Sylvia's Restaurant, located in Harlem since 1962. Sylvia and her late husband, Herbert, instilled in their four children an unwavering vision, a strong work ethic and determination. Today, four generations of the Woods family work together to ensure that their family business continues to make strides.


Dr. Phil chats with customers and answers a personal question about himself.


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