Dr. Phil hit the streets of New York City and Philadelphia to answer viewer questions, and now he takes to the rails! He offers mobile advice aboard Amtrak, dishing with passengers traveling from New York to Philadelphia and back. Meet parents struggling to pay the bills, workaholics aspiring to find balance and spouses fighting to stay together. Dr. Phil meets you where you are and offers solutions to your biggest problems!


Brad, 29, is a divorced father who says his obsession with work caused his

marriage to fall apart. He wants to stop being so focused on his job so he doesn't miss out on time with his children. And, Jackie works five jobs in order to make up the money that was lost in her 401(k) during the recession. She wants to know if in five years she'll regret working so hard.


Dr. Phil shares a personal story. 




Forgetful Friend
Amanda is concerned about her lack of memory. She says she can't remember names, how to get to places and even vacations that she's taken, but she's most worried about how often she forgets important facts about her friends. Is she just a horrible listener, or is this more serious?


Dr. Phil puts Amanda to the test.



Latchkey Dilemma
Margaret and her husband are wondering if their 10-year-old daughter will be OK left unsupervised for a few hours after school. Margaret says her daughter is a very smart, mature and thoughtful girl. "At what age can a child reasonably care for themselves at home?" she asks.


Learn how to prepare your child for being home alone. 



New Stay-at-Home Dad
Jeff recently lost his job and now stays home with his newborn son, Thomas. Because this is a big shift in family dynamics, he wants to know how to nurture and comfort his son, and make sure Thomas isn't emotionally stunted later on. "I want to know how a male can even come close to what a mother can offer," he says. 


See Jeff's amusing story about adjusting to his new lifestyle. 




Laid Off and Stressed
Jennifer was the breadwinner for her family of six but was recently laid off. She loved her job and says the loss is like a death in the family. She wishes her husband, Don, was more supportive during this stressful time. Don says his wife's job loss is a minor setback in their lives and wishes she wouldn't take her frustration out on the family.


Can your identity be too tied up in your work? 




Worried about Mom
Theresa is concerned about her mother, Jeannette's, health. Although Jeannette was once a two-time world champion arm wrestler, Theresa says she has let herself go over the last 20 years. Theresa is trying to encourage her mom to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but says it's a touchy subject that often leads to arguing. How can she motivate her mom?


Dr. Phil makes a phone call.



Explaining Death to a Child
Karen's beloved dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer and may die within the year. Her 4-year-old daughter loves her pet dearly but is not old enough to understand death. Karen wants to know how to explain the concept of death to a young child. "How can I be as honest as possible without frightening my kids?" she asks. 


"This can be a good, teachable moment for her."