How can you gauge when discipline crosses the line? In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil talks to a mom accused of dragging her son through a store on a leash, and he explains how to parent with purpose!


A Dr. Phil Exclusive Interview!

Melissa says she was devastated when a video surfaced on YouTube of her dragging her son around a store on a leash. Although she could face charges of a felony for cruelty to children, the mom maintains her innocence and says that she and her son play this game often.


Is the video misleading? Can Melissa restore her damaged reputation? 



Extreme Punishment?

Maureen says her husband, Dan's, military-style discipline may be harming their 9-year-old son, Joseph. She says Dan screams in Joseph's face, calls him names and even makes him hold up heavy objects as punishment! Dan says he's just trying to prepare his son for the real world.


Find out what happens when Dr. Phil meets with the boy backstage. 



Sign of the Times?

How far would you go to prove a point to your child? Find out what Tasha says she did when her daughter, Coretha, received bad grades.


"I'm not sure that I agree that we need to humiliate our kids."