Dr. Phil teams up with American Girl author, Patti Criswell, to tackle the most important issues facing young ladies. Parents, if your young daughter is asking questions about her body, bullies or the birds and the bees, don't miss this special show! And, for the first time in Dr. Phil history, the audience is filled with girls. Find out what the younger generation has to say!
Cliques, Clothes and Cat Fights!


Shaye, 13, says she has a tough time fitting in at school; Kadi says her 10-year-old daughter, Marlie, is obsessed with the fashions she sees in the media, and two sisters say they constantly squabble.


Hear Dr. Phil and Patti's advice for the young ladies. 



Dealing with Teasing with the "W" Trick!
Is your child being picked on in school? Patti recently led an American Girl workshop on bullying, and she offers tips for young women who are being taunted. 


Don't miss these self-esteem solutions!



Beauty, Books and Boys!

Caroline, 9, wants to know if she's too young to wear makeup, 15-year-old Raquel is a straight-A student who says she feels the pressure of perfection, and an 11-year-old wants to know how to get boys to notice her!


"Trust me, you don't want a bunch of hairy-legged boys hanging around!"



What's Your Question?
Viewers flip the script on Dr. Phil in a new feature, It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil! Watch as a 12-year-old audience member puts Dr. Phil in the hot seat.


Don't miss the surprises Dr. Phil and American Girl have in store for lucky tweens!