In the last 10 years, the number of women arrested for driving drunk has risen by 30 percent, and police report that more and more young children are sitting in the back seat when these moms are pulled over.


Tragedy on the Freeway
The nation was stunned by the tragic story of Diane Schuler, a New York woman who drove the wrong way on the Taconic Freeway. The mother of two caused a wreck that killed eight people, including four young children.


Legal analyst Lisa Bloom and District Attorney Kathleen Rice weigh in.



Battling Addiction
Joni, a wife and mother of two, says that she drinks throughout the day, and she admits that she has gotten behind the wheel after drinking. She says she received multiple DUIs and may face jail time.


Dr. Phil gives the mom a sobering wake-up call.



Affected by Alcoholism
How are children affected by a parent who drinks? Dr. Phil goes backstage for a heart-to-heart with Joni's 14-year-old daughter. Plus, a former guest who struggled with alcoholism provides some tough love for Joni.


"It just pulls the whole family down."