When you think of negotiations, you may think of corporate boardrooms, but negotiating happens every day " even in your own house. Learn the principles of making a deal, how to compromise to get what you want and the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a new car. Plus, learn the five things you might not realize you can bargain for!


Hobby vs. Girlfriend

Alicia says she sees a bright future with her boyfriend, Chad, but there's one thing that stands in their way: Chad's obsession with watching football all day, every Sunday. She says it's their only day together, and she wants some of his time. He says it's one day to himself three months out of the year, so what's the big deal?


Can this couple negotiate so they're both happy? 



Shopper vs. Salesperson

A recent survey found that women are 2.5 times more likely to have apprehension about negotiating than men, and that women will pay up to $1,300 more on a car than a man will. Learn the biggest mistakes made when purchasing a car. Plus, can one woman who's terrified of negotiating make a deal with the King of Cars?


"I'm incredibly intimidated by salespeople." 




Kids vs. Parents

Dominique wants to switch colleges, but her mother says no. Olivia and Samantha want a later curfew, but their parents say not a chance. Dana wants her mother to consider her and her seven siblings in her will " instead of leaving it all to her dog!


Dr. Phil helps these guests get what they want. 




Husband vs. Wife

Joey and Janet say their marriage is great, but there is one disagreement that neither will budge on. Janet is an organ donor who wants to save lives when she dies. Joey wants her to turn in her organ card and keep her body intact. 


"I don't want that for my wife." 



Five Things You Can Bargain For

Everything is open for negotiation " You just need to ask! Wendy Keller is the author of the book Secrets of Successful Negotiating for Women. She shares five things you might not realize you can bargain for.



It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil answers a personal question from a viewer. As a child, what did Dr. Phil want to be when he grew up?