Whether you're thinking about getting married, having a baby or revealing a secret, Dr. Phil tells you when the time is right to make major life decisions. Plus, learn the six questions you must ask yourself when faced with a difficult choice.


Audience Regrets

Comedian Kathleen Madigan hits the streets to learn what decisions people regret the most. Plus, a guest asks Dr. Phil if she's ready to reveal to a friend that her boyfriend was unfaithful.


"Something's not right here!"

Saddled with Guilt

Judy says it was her husband's dream to own a horse farm, but he passed away, leaving the ranch to her. A self-proclaimed city girl, she now wonders if she should try to keep her husband's dream alive or sell the farm.


What does Dr. Phil think?

Ready for Cosmetic Surgery?

Katie says her life is perfect except for one thing " she's unhappy with her breast size. The mother of two considers getting implants, but is she ready to go under the knife?


Find out what concerns Dr. Phil about Katie's desire.



Consumed with Conceiving

Chris and Candace have been married for three years, and Candace says she's ready to have a baby. But Chris, who has three children from previous marriages, had a vasectomy before they met and isn't sure if he wants more kids.


Is this a deal-breaker that could end their marriage? 


A Risky Reunion?

What would you do if you found out that you had been lied to your entire life? Tammy says she discovered that she has siblings she never knew existed. Now she wonders if she's ready to meet them.


"I'm furious at the man who knew about me and abandoned me."


Ready to Wed?

Adam and Lori are high school sweethearts who say they called off their wedding when Adam cheated. Now that they've reconciled, the couple wonders if they're ready to tie the knot.


"We're worried that one of us will get to a point where we're just done."


It's Your Turn Dr. Phil!

Viewers and audience members get their chance to ask Dr. Phil anything! Has Dr. Phil decided what his new grandchild will call him?