Every day, women and children are abducted by strangers, and oftentimes never found alive. Would you know what to do the second you sense your child is missing? Find out legal, forensic and defense experts' advice for spotting predators, avoiding abduction and fighting off attackers, and learn the top five most important things you can do to protect your child. Be prepared, not scared.


    Desperate for Help
    Dr. Dan and Gil Harrington's 20-year-old daughter, Morgan, a college student with a bright future at Virgina Tech, suddenly vanished during a Metallica rock concert. They join Dr. Phil to share an update on Morgan's case. Learn how you can help find the young woman.


    "None of this makes any sense, and it doesn't seem that this is behavior that Morgan would typically do."



    Internet Stalker
    Ashley says someone has assumed her identity and pretends to be her online, carrying on explicit chats with her friends, family and even employers. Internet safety specialist Lori Getz has tips for Ashley " and you " for keeping your information safe on the Internet. And, Karen is a mother to twin girls and is worried sick about their safety when they go to college next year.


    "My worst nightmare is that someone will show up at my apartment door."



    Abducted on the Street
    Seven-year-old Somer Thompson was abducted while walking home from school. After a massive search, her body was discovered 50 miles from her home in Florida. Her mom, Diena, says she's fired up and on a quest to find her daughter's killer.


    "I have to stay strong and maybe be a voice for other children who've ended up like this"



    Self-Defense for Children
    Tracie Arlington, an instructor with Play It Safe Defense, teaches children how to defend themselves from predators. One of her students shows another girl and your children how to self-protect against an attack.


    Watch and learn how to teach your children.



    Experts Weigh In
    Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Eraka Bath reveals what goes on in the mind of a predator. And, Robin Sax, a former sex crimes prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney's office and author of It Happens Every Day, shares insider stories.


    "A lot of these predators are skilled at masking themselves and inserting themselves into people's lives."



    What You Didn't See

    Dr. Phil and his experts continue the discussion with the audience. Find out the warning signs to watch for in spotting a predator.