Joined by five of the country's top lawyers, criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope; former prosecutor Loni Coombs; financial attorney Christopher Chatham; family attorney Areva Martin and civil attorney Lisa Bloom, Dr. Phil answers your most pressing legal questions. They weigh in on headline-making legal news stories. Plus, find out if breathalyzers are really accurate.


"Can we prove to 12 people on a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he is guilty of these crimes?"



Alienation of Affection

Tammy married her husband, Dale, on New Year's Eve last year. Six months later, she was served with a lawsuit demanding $15,000 for alienation of affection.


Find out who sued her and if the attorneys think the suit is viable.


Wedding Day Disaster

Tara says she endured the most horrible experience on a day that was supposed to be the happiest of her life; the power failed, there was no air conditioning, the food was awful, and the cops were called.


Does she have grounds to sue her wedding coordinator?


Read the Fine Print
Jessica, a Dr. Phil staff member, says she had a bad experience at a tanning salon. Find out what happened and how you can protect yourself from a similar situation.


"Get your reading glasses out. Read the small print,"

Parking Lot Intimidation
If you park your car with a parking lot attendant and return to find it damaged, is the parking company at fault? 

Unusual Lawsuits

You won't believe why one woman could lose $50,000 after sending tweets to some of her friends on Twitter, and why a high school student is suing his teacher!


"Truth is a defense to slander."