If you could customize your perfect child " sex, eye color, height or IQ " would you? What if you knew your child was going to be short or very tall or overweight? What if you found out your child would have a predisposition for certain diseases? Would you try to intervene? Is trait selection, gender selection and disease screening messing with Mother Nature, playing God or just using the technology we have to ensure a healthy, happy life?


A Tall Order
A recent New York Post article claimed that human growth hormone is easy to get and increasingly being used by wealthy parents to make their sons taller. If your child was born shorter than you liked, would you consider this treatment? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? And, what if your daughter was going to be very tall? Would you try to intervene in her growth? Dr. Phil and his guests weigh in on this debate. 


"We glorify the tall and stigmatize the short."

Designer Babies?

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, Medical Director of the Fertility Institutes, shares the choices parents now have in creating their perfect baby. And, what if you could base your future child's looks on a particular celebrity? A sperm bank now offers donor look-a-likes. 


Does these options just reinforce social prejudices? 


A Call for Prayers
Dr. Phil became aware of Kate McRae's story online, when her parents, Aaron and Holly, put out a call for prayers. Their world turned upside down when their 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a malignant, aggressive brain tumor.


See their story and learn how you can help! 

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