Are you in over your head with parenting? Do you need help with an out-of-control child? What do you do when your child's demands exceed your resources? Plus, how old is too old to be a mother?


Too Old to Be a Mom?
This year, one of the world's oldest moms, Maria Carmen del Bousada, died at 69, leaving behind her not yet 3-year-old twins. And in India, Omkari Panwar, 77, gave birth to twins, which she conceived after in vitro fertilization. How old is too old for a woman to have a baby?


 See the response from women in his audience.


In over Their Heads 
Jennifer and Brad are struggling to parent two of their three daughters. Their 13-year-old has bipolar disorder, has been in therapy since age 6, is taking multiple medications and still throws several tantrums each day. The couple's 12-year-old daughter struggles with behavioral disorders as well. They worry that the preteen's violent tendencies toward them and her 9-year-old sister will continue to escalate.


"It was just one of the most chilling things I have ever experienced." 


The Girls' Perspective
The girls record home video while interviewing each other. How does Brenna feel about being home after three years away? Plus, Dr. Phil meets Brenna, Ailish and Kieran, and Dr. Fank Lawlis shares what he learned while working with them backstage. 


"That was very remarkable."