The holidays are upon us, and that means Santa Claus is coming to town, but so are obnoxious relatives, gifts you have no use for and drunken co-workers. Dr. Phil and etiquette expert Peggy Post have answers for handling uncomfortable situations at end-of-year festivities.



Sharlene says she's an expert re-gifter. She keeps a box of her unwanted items so she can give them to people throughout the year. After she hears Dr. Phil producer Justin tell how his attempt to re-gift backfired, will Sharlene change her mind?


"This is a complex situation."


Dividing Time between Families

Sick of fighting with your spouse about whose family to spend the holidays with? Every year, Tony and Violet face the dilemma of how much time to spend at their respective family's houses on Christmas Eve. One is always upset they have to leave their family too early and ultimately can't enjoy themselves.


Dr. Phil settles the dispute.


The Truth about Santa
Melody says she wants to tell her sons the truth about Santa Claus, in order to teach them to appreciate all that they have. But she isn't sure how to handle the situation.


Dr. Phil shares a funny story about how his son, Jay, learned the truth about Santa.


Struggling Economy = Less Gifts
Many parents wonder how to explain to their children that they may not be getting as many Christmas presents this year because money is tight. Mayra says she doesn't know how to tell her 6-year-old son that they can't afford to give him the same kind of Christmas as years past.


Robin shares tips for celebrating on a budget.


Intoxicated Co-Workers
Is it OK to consume alcoholic beverages at an office holiday party? Barbara says one of her co-workers had a few too many, and it resulted in an uncomfortable situation.


Should Barbara approach her co-worker about the incident?


Etiquette Dilemmas

Peggy Post shares etiquette tips for writing thank you notes and giving gifts.


Find out if you're following the rules.