If you're weary of the approaching holidays, Dr. Phil has tips for overcoming guilt, lessening pressure, and easing your schedule, so you can enjoy the season. Plus, find out how your donations to The Dr. Phil Foundation have changed lives, and watch a heartfelt musical performance!


Learning to Enjoy Christmas

Ann says her husband, Robert's, scrooge-like attitude is going to ruin Christmas for their children for the rest of their lives.


What's at the root of Robert's feelings, and is he ready to make a change?


Designated Holiday Traveler
Rachel is a stressed-out mom who says she's is fed up driving 14 hours with her kids to ensure that they visit relatives in multiple states.


Dr. Phil and Robin offer tips for keeping stress to a minimum and not over-committing.


Your Donations Matter!

The Dr. Phil Foundation, with the generous support of viewers and corporate partners, has raised and given away millions of dollars to people who need help the most. Learn about the Foundation's newest initiative, meet a woman who wishes to thank the person who helped her, and find out how you can help others in similar situations.

See the impact your donations have made.



It's Your Turn Dr. Phil
Does Dr. Phil help Robin decorate for Christmas? And, find out what Owen Wilson, Laura Bush and Dr. Phil have in common.


A Christmas Classic

Five-time Grammy Award-winner Michael McDonald gives a special Christmas performance!