Have you ever wondered, "Am I the only one who … ?" Dr. Phil's brave guests confess their unique issues and wonder if they're the only ones.


Confessions on the Street

Dr. Phil correspondent, mommy blogger and Emmy award-winning comedy writer Teresa Strasser hits the streets to see just what people are willing to admit when they ask themselves, "Am I the only one who …?"


A 9-Year-Old's Crush
LaTisha wonders if other moms have a child who's completely infatuated with a deceased celebrity. Since Michael Jackson's death, her daughter, Moana, has become obsessed with the pop star. Is this just her first crush, or can this infatuation get out of control? 


"Before June 25, Moana was a happy, healthy, playful little girl."


Switching Roles?

Tyler, 20, admits he drives away the women he's dating. He wants to know if he's the only guy who "acts like a girl" when it comes to dating.  


Find out what he means! 

Sound Sensitivity
Andrea says she has a low tolerance for background noise: sniffles, dogs barking, birds chirping, gum chewing, ceiling fans and more. She wears earplugs to tune it all out. Why is she so annoyed by certain sounds?


"It's like fingernails on a chalkboard."


Single and Sick of It 

Melissa wants to know if she's the only wedding planner who can't seem to get down the aisle. She says she's tried everything to meet eligible men.  


What is she doing wrong?


Baby Brain?
Mommy blogger and Emmy-award winning comedy writer Teresa Strasser wants to know if she's the only new mom with "baby brain."


Can Teresa bounce back from cognitive shrinking?


Family Secret
Gail writes: Dear Dr. Phil, My son is in prison. There, I said it. Embarrassing and humiliating. I panic if I think someone is about to ask how my son is doing. Friends and family brag about their sons, and I cower in the corner. Am I the only mother who feels this way? How to I deal with this deep agonizing pain that no one understands? Am I the only mom who can't tell anyone her son's in prison?

Read Dr. Phil's advice. 


It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

This season, the tables are turned, and Dr. Phil answers your questions! A viewer wants to know, "Have you ever felt like you were the only one who ... ?" Dr. Phil talks about what he felt like when he first became a father.