Is your partner perfect except for one habit that drives you absolutely crazy? Dr. Phil has advice for striking a compromise. Plus, two celebrity couples reveal their biggest issues!


Sloppy Spouse
Kathy says she's tired of being her husband, Jeff's, personal maid. She says he comes home from work and drops his clothes everywhere, except the laundry basket. Jeff says he works hard all day, so it's Kathy's job to clean up after him.


What does Dr. Phil think? 


Quarreling over Coffee

Davin says his wife, Allison's, love for iced vanilla lattes is sending them to the poorhouse. He says she's spent more than $5,500 at Starbucks over the past two years. Allison says she deserves her "mommy treat" and says that Davin spends just as much money on fast food.


Will the couple learn to negotiate?



Overly Eco-Conscious?

Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife, Rachelle, stars of the Planet Green reality series Living with Ed, share their top complaints. They've been married for nine years, and they say they battle between his love for the planet and her love for the good life.


"Are you driving her nuts?"


Getting off on the Wrong Foot
Dancing with the Stars newlyweds Edyta and Alec say they sometimes feel insecure while watching their mate dance with an attractive partner.


Don't miss Dr. Phil and Robin on the dance floor!


Nighttime Dilemma 

Elizabeth says her husband, Robert, snores like a freight train, and it's impossible for her to get any ZZZs. Robert says he's tried throat sprays, breathing strips and lozenges, but nothing works.


Dr. Phil has a surprise for the couple.