Imagine being convicted of a horrible crime you didn't commit and having to spend 21 years in prison before being exonerated. Now imagine the huge ripple effect a wrongful conviction has on the families of the innocent. How can society make retribution to the people who are mistakenly incarcerated for years? Meet two men who are trying to rebuild their lives now that they're free.


Dr. Phil says, "If these people can find a way to overcome this pain and find a way that this pain leads to hope, leads to victory, leads to light in their life, then maybe there are lessons to take from that about how we overcome the things in our own lives."


Taking Back Their Lives
Dr. Phil checks back in with Loretta and Dean, two victims of a flawed judicial system. Loretta courageously helped convict her alleged rapist when she was just 15. Dean was an innocent man who spent 14 years in prison for that rape, before being exonerated due to DNA evidence. Dr. Phil united the two onstage for the first time to help them both heal and forgive.

See how Loretta and Dean are doing now! 



An Innocent Man Paying a Heavy Price
Ronald was wrongly convicted of five murders and spent 21 years in prison " 11 of those on death row, in solitary confinement 22 hours a day. Ronald was finally exonerated six months ago. How did he survive life on death row knowing he was innocent, and how can he be a father to his two sons who hardly know him?

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