How far would you go to find the love of your life? Dr. Phil talks to a woman who says she considers prison inmates as potential soul mates, and a man who's advertising for his dream woman on a billboard!


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A Prisoner for Love?

Kim says she's turned over every rock to find her soul mate " even cruising prisons for a single guy! Her friend, Tracey, says she's concerned that Kim will sleep with a man too quickly.


Find out what Dr. Phil male staffers think about Kim's dating habits. 


The Total Package

Todd says he's looking for the perfect woman, and she must be the total package: tall, blonde, model looks, a size 38DD bust and no baggage.


Will Todd learn to stop seeking the superficial?


Advertising for Amor!

John made headlines when he posted a billboard advertisement for a girlfriend. On his site,, he offered a $1,000 referral fee for anyone who put him in touch with the woman of his dreams!


Find out if John was successful in finding a mate!



On the Hunt for Love 
Christina and her husband, Jordi, recently separated, and she says that she can't stop stalking him. She says she spies on him all hours of the night, and even looks through the bedroom window where he's staying just to make sure he's sleeping alone!

It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!
How did Robin catch Dr. Phil's eye? What was the worst thing Dr. Phil did in high school?