Donna says her granddaughter, Emilie, whom she’s been raising for the last six years, vapes, smokes marijuana, cuts school, steals, and gets into fights.
“If we tell Emilie ‘No,’ she goes into a raging fit,” Donna says. “We have taken away Emilie’s TV, her cell phone, computer, her freedom. We’ve tried counseling; that hasn’t worked.”

Donna says five months ago, she reached a breaking point, so her mother, Nancy, agreed to have Emilie live with her. Hear what Emilie did while living with Nancy in the video above. And, how do the women respond when Dr. Phil asks them, “What have you done to teach [Emilie]?”
On Wednesday’s episode, "'Three Generations of Problems,'" hear what Emilie says about her behavior and why she and her older sister say the teen is not the problem. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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