Tatum says everything makes her angry and that she acts out when people “get an attitude” with her. The 14-year-old reveals that her rocky relationship with her mother often drives her to become enraged and aggressive, and she currently lives in a juvenile detention facility for violating probation. She says her mom has been in-and-out of her life since she was young and that every time they started to get along and become close, her mother would leave again.

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Tatum says the last time she felt peaceful was when she was 10 because at 11, her mom left her and eventually landed in jail.

“What do you say to yourself about yourself when you lose?” Dr. Phil asks Tatum on Thursday’s episode. “What do you say to yourself when you realize your own mother chooses to not be with you?”

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“I would just tell myself I should’ve never gotten close,” the teen says.

On Thursday, the teen shares her feelings about her mom with Dr. Phil. How does her mom react? And, how can the young girl get her life moving in a different direction? Check here to see where you can watch.

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