Fourteen-year-old Michelle says her parents need to stop treating her like a child. She says if they would treat her like an adult and let her date her 18-year-old boyfriend, she would stop running away from home.

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Her parents, Jody and Mike, claim their once well-behaved child is out of control. They claim she drinks alcohol and uses drugs, and often lashes out at them and calls them vulgar names.

Dr. Phil plays a video that Jody recorded of one of Michelle’s tantrums. See how Michelle reacts to the video and what sparks an argument between the parents and their daughter.

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On Tuesday's episode, hear from Michelle’s boyfriend and what he says about violating the law by dating a minor? And on Wednesay, hear about an explosive conversation between Mike and Paul, Michelle's boyfriend. Plus, the drama continues backstage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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