Dr. Phil's guests need solutions to their romantic roadblocks. From a wedding that never happened to a young man who can't stop scaring the women away, Dr. Phil offers answers " and big surprises!


A Roller Coaster Ride
Chris and Terri have been together seven years, but with the many challenges they've faced as a couple " a child with cancer and a failed business " they could never plan for their dream wedding. Dr. Phil helps Chris break some news to his wife … and you won't believe what follows!

"Has it occurred to you that maybe the boy just doesn't want to marry you?" 


Too Close for Comfort
Newlyweds Johnny and Jennifer say there's not much love in the air since they had to move in with Jennifer's parents. With six adults, two kids and seven pets under one roof, there's no space for private moments.


Can Dr. Phil help this couple reignite the spark? 


Driving the Women Away
Aaron, 26, is not one those guys who never calls. In fact, he gives so much love, he's scaring the women away! He calls and texts compulsively, does drive-bys to see if his dates are home and says he's never been good at playing the dating game. How can he stop being so needy?   

"What it boils down to is ‘What you fear, you create.'" 


The Canadian Tenors
Aside from their charm and good looks, these four extraordinary young men have voices that will blow you away! Victor, Clifton, Remigio and Fraser have diverse vocal styles, undeniable charm, international solo success and are one of Canada's most sought-after exports.