Cheating, lying and sexual misconduct. Public figures such as John Edwards and Tiger Woods have admitted to this behavior, but how would you handle accusations of infidelity in your own relationship?


A Matter of Trust 

Tingle says she can't trust her husband, Herman. She says he lied about how many times he'd been married, and when she discovered he was registered on a singles dating site, he told her that he was doing research for a friend! Herman wants to regain his wife's trust but says he can't handle her insecurity.


Should Tingle give him another chance or kick him to the curb? 


Still Skeptical of Her Spouse
When Elizabeth was last on the show, she wanted to know once and for all if her husband, Shawn, was being unfaithful. Find out why Shawn initially agreed to take a polygraph test but later declined.


Can this relationship be saved?