Losing the friendship of your closest confidant can be as painful and devastating as a divorce. Dr. Phil speaks with former BFFs to see if he can broker some peace. Learn the appropriate boundaries for maintaining healthy friendships and the signs that a friendship has turned toxic.


No Love Lost
Michele and Christy were best friends for 20 years, but times have changed. Michele says Christy went behind her back and married her fiancé and father of her son! Christy says Michele has now brainwashed her stepson against her. Concerned for the 10-year-old boy caught in the middle, can Dr. Phil broker a peace between the former BFFs?


"She's completely off her rocker."  



Tug of War
Michele says her son wrote a letter to Dr. Phil, describing his feelings about his relationship with Christy and his relationship with his dad. Dr. Phil is concerned about what he hears. Can they learn to coexist so this child doesn't pay the price?


"This just doesn't look, read or sound to me like a 10-year-old." 



Britney and Ashley's friendship took a bad turn when Britney decided not to name Ashley the godmother of her newborn son. After the snub, Ashley sent Britney hundreds of texts and e-mails to try to work things out, but Britney feels harassed and says she's not interested in reconciliation.


Learn the signs that a friendship has turned toxic.