What defines a contemporary woman? When Dr. Phil tackled this topic, the conversation grew so intense, he had to keep the cameras rolling! Joining him to discuss motherhood and marriage is an expert panel of legal analysts, TV personalities and comedians.




Too Picky or Practical?
Astra, a Dr. Phil staff member, explains why she refuses to settle in relationships, and Lori Gottlieb, author of Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough, says women are too picky about superficial qualities. And, Dr. Phil checks back in with Kim, who said she has a list of 20 criteria that a man must meet to date her.


Did Kim get a wake-up call about her behavior?


Parenting without a Partner
Do you need a partner to be a good parent? Two single moms, CBS legal analyst Lisa Bloom and a Dr. Phil attorney, weigh in.


"If you're a single parent, it's hard to be all things to the child." 


Obsessed about Their Bodies

From the pressure to be pretty and thin to Heidi Montag's multiple plastic surgeries, the panel discusses body image and the insecurities many young women face.


"It's a mother's worst nightmare."