If your marriage is on the rocks, but your spouse is dying, is it out of the question to ask for a divorce? What does Dr. Phil think?


'Til Death Do Us Part?


Anna's husband, Marty, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given a year to live. She says that once he received the news, his attitude changed for the worse, and he constantly screams at her and their children. Marty admits that he has a temper but says that since his surgery, he's trying to be a better man.


Is it too late for this marriage to be saved?



The Healing Begins
Find out why Anna says she's struggling with guilt and what she can do to overcome those feelings. Then, Dr. Phil asks Marty and Anna to perform an exercise, which brings them both to tears.


It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!
Viewers turn the tables on Dr. Phil and ask him questions. Does Dr. Phil sing in the shower? Has his hair loss ever caused him to be bullied? What one personal trait would he like to improve?