Dawson says for the last two years, he’s been smoking pot, carrying guns and hanging out on the streets. The 15-year-old says he doesn’t want to live at home because his parents are too strict with him. Recently, he went to live with his aunt and stole her minivan, drove it 110 miles per hour with friends inside, and posted photos to social media.
“What gives you the right to do that?” Dr. Phil asks the teen on Tuesday’s episode.

After Dr. Phil shows Dawson what a car looks like after a crash at 110 miles per hour, and a young woman who was paralyzed in a reckless car accident shares a message with the teen, will Dawson decide to change his behavior?
On Tuesday’s episode, see what Dr. Phil advises Dawson’s parents. Check here to see where you can watch.

Dr. Phil Season 18 premieres Monday, September 9! Check here to see where you can watch.