Dr. Phil examines two teens' struggle to lose weight and its impact on their resentment toward their parents.


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Food Fight
Kim says she only wants what is best for her overweight teen daughter, Brooke. As the screaming matches escalate between mother and daughter, can Dr. Phil convince Kim to change her tactics? Plus, watch video of Kim getting a taste of her own medicine!

"So, as long as you were in control, everything was fine?"

Father Knows Best?
Jenn says her struggles with weight are nothing when compared to her struggles with her own father, James, whom she says is a health nut. Dr. Phil drills down with a controlling James. Plus, learn the offer Dr. Phil gives Jenn that brings her to tears.

"If you're so smart about this, why are we here?"

Shrinking Emily
Too Fat for Fifteen participant, Emily, and her father, Jeff, join Dr. Phil to discuss the reality show that contributed to the teen's weight loss success. Find out what advice Emily has for Brooke and Jenn that inspires hope.

"It's so hard to hear it from the people who you're closest to sometimes."