What would you do if you couldn't get along with one of your relatives? Would you just cut him or her out of your family tree? Dr. Phil speaks with two families who are on the verge of doing just that!

In-Law Issues
Melissa says she has the mother-in-law from hell who is obsessed with her son, Tyson, Melissa's husband of two years. Melissa says Betty accuses her of stealing away her son and brainwashing him to reverse his vasectomy, and she's gone so far as to ask a stranger online to spy on the couple and report back. Betty says her son is no longer the same person since he married Melissa.

"I feel she's taking him away from me, and he's allowing it to happen." 


The Man in the Middle
Tyson says he used to be close with his mother but hasn't spoken to her in three weeks. He says his mother is the one who completely changed after he married Melissa, and he's frustrated that he's caught in the middle. Dr. Phil tries to broker a peace between the two sides, but can he get Betty to stop right-fighting long enough to listen?

"You didn't hear a word I said, did you?" 


Sibling Squabble
Pat and Rosie are sisters embroiled in a 10-year feud over their deceased father's house and his will. Civil and family attorney Areva Martin weighs in from a legal perspective. Dr. Phil wants to know: Is a house worth tearing apart a sibling relationship?

"Daddy left the house to me because he knew that I would take care of it." 

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