Dr. Phil sits down with Joey, a husband and father, who says his wife of 10 years, Shannon, once was a "7", but now is a "3", so he feels justified in cheating. He calls her obese and says that in a perfect world, he would have a different woman every day of the week. Shannon says even though she tans, gets mani-pedis and had breast augmentation, her beauty isn't enough for Joey, a personal trainer and self-proclaimed "9". You won't believe the other reasons he says it's OK for him to cheat. Will he get a wake-up call? See the shocking text messages to Joey's mistress, and hear Dr. Phil's strong message for this cheating husband when a disturbing secret is revealed. Can Dr. Phil convince Joey to choose another path and look beyond the physical? 



Unhappily Ever After

Joey says he began cheating on his wife, Shannon, soon after their wedding. He says he attributes his infidelity to her failure to keep up with his good looks " and takes to the Dr. Phil stage to dish out the insults.  Shannon says Joey cheated before they even said "I do."


See shocking video as Joey describes his perfect world.

Having it All

Joey blames Shannon for forcing him to cheat " but what other shocking revelations does he also blame her for? Plus, Dr. Phil reads text messages from Joey to his mistress and gives him a reality check.  


"If you can have your cake and eat it too, why not?"

Sex, Lies and Infidelity

Joey enters his first body building competition, as his lies multiply and further divide the young couple. Will Dr. Phil be able to close the gap between what these two want in their marriage and unite them once again?


"Is there a point in which you say I've had enough?"

A Pit Bull Outside the Ring
Joey's tough exterior is torn down as he reveals the shocking skeletons in his closet. What  does Dr. Phil think is best for this couple to move forward from a painful past " and do what is best for their children?


"Give yourself a chance to find a new compass."

After the Show

Joey reacts to Dr. Phil's advice " and lays out the groundwork for his future. Is he inspired to turn his life around?