It's the ladies' turn to shine! Dr. Phil features women behind successful men, including Wendy Walker, senior executive producer of Larry King Live, who shares her experiences behind the man in her book, Producer: Lessons Shared from 30 Years in Television. Plus, what is the woman's role in a marriage?

A Wife's Role
Dr. Leigh Davis says she wants her man to be the king of her castle, while she takes care of him and the house. Shavada says she calls all the shots in her household, including who her husband is friends with and how he spends his money.

The women face off with Dr. Phil!


A Lazy Husband?
Renee says she's been behind her husband, Herb, for years, but now that he's retired, he won't get off his behind and help her around the house! Herb says he's worked for 37 years, and he's earned his right to relax.


"He uses his elbows as his leaning post to watch me work!" 

Dr. Phil's Better Half
Dr. Phil and Robin share how their division of labor has worked over the years in their marriage. And, Dr. Phil explains why his staff of mostly women keeps him in line!


See the hilarious skit that shows who really runs the show! 


The Woman behind Larry King
Wendy Walker has been behind Larry King for the last 17 years. She is the senior executive producer of Larry King Live and author of the book, Producer: Lessons Shared from 30 Years in Television. Wendy shares her favorite moments from the show and behind the scenes with the man himself. Plus, Larry makes a surprise appearance! 

Hear how Larry feels about the end of his iconic show and what he'll miss the most.