"He loves me. He loves me not." Wouldn't it be great if there was a formula to get your partner to commit? Josie has been dating Curry for more than three years, and she says she's ready to dump him if he doesn't pop the question soon. Plus, meet a couple who says their dream wedding turned into a nightmare when the wedding planner scammed them out of $30,000.


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Scared to Say "I Do"?

Curry says that his girlfriend, Josie, is everything he wants in a woman. So why is he afraid to walk down the aisle? Will Josie hold out for a ring, or will she kick this commitment-phobe to the curb?


"Basically, if you marry her, you'd be marrying way over your head."


Are Curry and Josie still together? Get an update! 

Watch Curry's video message!

Nuptials Nightmare

Melissa says her husband, John, lied about how many times he'd been married, but the biggest tale of all is that he's still married to another woman! John admits that he lied about being divorced but says Melissa wouldn't have stayed with him if he told her the truth.


Will Melissa ever be able to trust him again … and should she?

Wedding Shocker

Tina says she waited so long to meet the man of her dreams, but she never dreamed her big day would turn into a big nightmare. She and her husband, Nate, say their wedding planner scammed them out of $30,000, and now the financial strain is taking a toll on their marriage.

See the big surprise Dr. Phil has for the couple!