It's the holiday season, and gift-giving is all around us. Dr. Phil speaks with families about life-changing choices this holiday season and the ultimate gift " the gift of life.

Feeling Abandoned

Darrell, 55, has diabetes and needs a new kidney. For the last five years, he's spent four hours a day, six days a week hooked up to a dialysis machine. So why haven't Darrell's family members gotten tested to see if they're a match for donating a much-needed kidney?

"If they were sick, they would expect me to step forward." 


A Life-Saving Gift
Grammy Award-winning singer and author of Love Brought Me Back, Natalie Cole, shares her harrowing journey with kidney failure and the gift that saved her life. She speaks from her heart about losing her sister on the same day she received the kidney, meeting her donor's family and her advice to Darrell's family.

Meet the family of Natalie's donor! 


Learn more about organ donation and how you can help Darrell!


Weighing the Risks
What if you knew your child could eventually lose her hearing if she continued participating in the sport she loves? Would you still let her play? This is the dilemma Kevin and Katie face with their 11-year-old daughter, Key, and her passion for gymnastics. 


Is an 11-year-old mature enough to have a say in this decision?