Dr. Phil's most difficult, most notorious, most-talked about guests return! Will their visit bring about an apology? And, will they find redemption in their return?


Chloe Comes Clean

You may remember Chloe, the teen who stormed offstage during her appearance on the show, "Teens Obsessed with Love." Since then, the teen has moved 1,000 miles from her home, but have the drastic life changes made for real change?


"You were rude " there's no other way to describe that."



Trouble Times Two

Chloe's parents last appeared on Dr. Phil claiming their daughter was addicted to her boyfriend, Dusty. Watch as the teenage lovers are reunited. Plus, as Dr. Phil tries to help Chloe clear her name, learn why she may have sabotaged the results of her polygraph test. 


"Next thing you know, it's slipping away."


A Redemptive Return

Todd, the two-time guest who faked his own death but was busted by Dr. Phil, returns for the third time. After his last show appearance, he unleashed a torrid campaign of threats to the show's staff. Find out what even Todd believes is at the root of his spiral toward self-destruction. 


"You've made some really bad decisions."