Are fights on reality TV shows real? Stars from Survivor, America's Next Top Model, The Amazing Race and even the 1960's show, The Monkees, answer that question for you. And, find out how they score when Dr. Phil analyzes their personality and compatibility!


Teaching an Old Monkee New Tricks

1960's icon, Davy Jones, and his wife, Jessica, say that despite fame and their 30-year age difference, they are like every other couple.


"I used to be a heartthrob " now I'm a coronary."



The Model and the Villain 

Jonny Fairplay sent reality show diehards into a frenzy when he faked his grandmother's death in what the show host called "the greatest lie in Survivor history." He shocked America once, now will he be shocked by the results of his personality test and Dr. Phil's strong mesesage for him? 


"You can fill volumes with what you don't know."



The A-List Couple

One widely known for a famed "happy dance," the other, winner of The Amazing Race, both come to Dr. Phil to say that despite their world travels and being household names, they struggle in their partnership like every couple. Learn what they say bothers them most about their partner!


See who the A-List couple says scores a B in neatness.