When Ted Williams catapulted to stardom, little did the nation know that the former panhandler with the platinum pipes would go from rags to riches to rehab in less than two weeks. Now, he gives an exclusive update from his treatment facility, and he tells Dr. Phil what he fears most.


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A Cry for Help
Ted initially maintained that he had been sober for more than two years, but later confessed that he'd taken a swig or two of alcohol, so he accepted Dr. Phil's offer for addiction treatment. How is he adjusting to life in rehab?


"I did a little bit of pot." 

Fractured Family

Ted's daughter, Julia, and his ex-wife, Patricia, reveal why several relatives are divided in the wake of Ted's recent confrontation with another daughter, Jenay. Plus, Ted shares his wishes for his loved ones.


"I don't want him involved in my life or my children's lives."


Sabotaging His Progress?

Ted's family fears that his current girlfriend, Kathy, who also has a history of battling alcohol, drug addiction and homelessness, will interfere with his sobriety. Kathy says, "We've been boyfriend and girlfriend for 17 years. We've certainly seen our hard times. A lot of the times that we've been without work, we did what we had to do to make ends meet ..."


Will Kathy accept Dr. Phil's help? Should Ted sever ties with his long-time girlfriend? Check out the dramatic conclusion!