Dr. Phil's guests say they're devastated by a childhood trauma, and they want to confront the parent they say caused it.

Abducted, Then Abandoned
Mandy says she hates her mother, Becky, for abducting her when she was a child, changing her name and keeping her in hiding for two years over allegations of abuse. Becky says she doesn't regret going on the run with her daughter, and she'd do it again. The pair has only seen each other once in the past 22 years. Is it too late to start over? 

"You are not my mother. You were my ride here and that was it." 


Robbed of a Mother
Butch says he wants to confront his father, Ulysses, for the first time in 33 years about why he shot and killed his mother. Butch was just 12 years old and says he was used to lure his mother back into the house after his parents' fight. Ulysses says the shooting was an accident, and he wants to make things right with his son. Will Butch get the answers he's searching for? 

"My father was saying, "Butch, I had to do it. She was going to leave me.'"