The Housewives are back at the roundtable and on the attack! Michelle confronts Alana and Rachael for being mean-spirited, and Alana flies into a rage. Learn what's at the root of Alana's pain that brings her to tears. And, if your husband cheated, how much would you want to know about his mistress? After months of agonizing over her husband's affair, Jennifer is faced with a decision: see the woman her husband cheated with, or put his infidelity out of her mind for good. Will Jennifer be able to look at the photos, or will the pain be too much to bear?


Dr. Phil learns that Alana is participating in a fashion show benefiting Celebrity Catwalk, an organization that supports national animal rescue, and he donates $10,000 to the organization through The Dr. Phil Foundation. He invites all the women to attend the event, but Alana says she doesn't want Gloria to be there. "You just can't come, Gloria," she says. "You're unpredictable."

A week later, the Housewives meet for another roundtable.


Dr. Phil addresses Alana. "The intensity of the reaction you're having is so disproportionate to what's going on in the room and in the group, I'm really wondering what it's about," he says.


"I have said that what happens in this room is a mirror to what happens outside this room," Dr. Phil says.

Alana says that she doesn't behave in this manner in the outside world, but Dr. Phil recalls an incident where she was rude to a Paramount employee. Kimm confirms that Alana was barking orders and that Rachael began to copy her. Alana brushes off the comment and defends her behavior.

"You can be dismissive of it, and you can hide behind humor, and you can deflect, but the point I'm trying to make is I don't want you to do that," Dr. Phil says.


Gloria reminds Alana that she's made an effort to make amends with her, and at the sleepover, she even gave her a hug. Alana maintains that she can't trust Gloria, and Dr. Phil repeats that Gloria is not the issue.


Breaking through the Pain
Dr. Phil asks Alana, "Why are you hurting so bad, why are you so afraid, or what has you so frustrated?"


Alana admits that her relationship with Gloria is so far in the ditch, she doesn't know how to heal it. "I think if I'm cool with her, then Michelle would be cool with me," she says. "It shouldn't be that way, but that's how I feel."

Gloria shares her thoughts. "Deep down in our guts, we actually have a lot of the same pain, and frustration and issues," she says.


The Mistress Revealed
After months of agonizing over her husband's affair, Jennifer requests the services of a private investigator to see pictures of the other woman. She says that she won't be able to get over the infidelity until she sees the woman. She begins to cry as she is presented with the envelope.


Finding a Husband 
Dr. Phil tells the women he wants them to be picky when selecting a mate, and a man needs to earn the right to be in their lives. "They need to step up and earn the right," he says.

Michelle asks, "How do you know that person is not going to wrong you, or cheat on you, or do that?"

Dr. Phil says the best predictor of a man's behavior is how he acted in his previous relationships, and the women need to flesh potential mates out early on. "They may not qualify for being him right away, but they can be disqualified from being him right away," he says. He asks Michelle if she's ready for a relationship.

"I've sat home alone enough," she says. "I don't know if I'm ready. I'm not excited - but I'm going to try."


Charity Event
Alana decides to invite Gloria to the Celebrity Catwalk event. "I have not told Gloria yet. She still doesn't have a dress, but hey, payback's a bitch," she says. She reveals the news to Gloria and says, "We're off to a new beginning, and I would love to start it off fresh." Gloria accepts the invitation. The women take Jennifer to the mall to diva-fy her for the event!

Michelle Meets with Matchmakers
Michelle meets with professional dating coach Nancy Miller and Cupid's Coach CEO Julie Ferman for some dating etiquette.