Brittney says that after failing ninth grade, she dropped out of high school. The 16-year-old says she spends most of her days at the skate park smoking weed, drinking or smoking cigarettes.

“If I’m not at the skate park, then I’m normally at home watching YouTube videos,” the teen says. “My dream is definitely to become a YouTube star.” Brittney says she has a few YouTube channels, including one for makeup tutorials and one called Dare Mondays, and that the most video views she’s received is 85. “None of my videos have actually gone viral.”


Brittney’s parents Kimber and Tim say their daughter has no ambition and manipulates people, and it’s time she get her act together.

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“I have no respect for my mom. I call my mom by her name, Kimber, because I don’t see her as a mom. My dad is everything, but I, honestly, think he’s an idiot for marrying my mom,” Brittney says. “I feel like my parents are just blowing everything out of proportion. They just need to stop worrying. I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me; I just think that Kimber needs to step out of my life.”

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Teen High School Dropout Describes Her ‘Bright’ Future