Jason is being accused by his mother-in-law, Melody, of molesting his now 5-year-old daughter. Jason's wife, Karen, believes her husband is innocent and says she hates her mother for making what she thinks is a completely false accusation. Jason, who's been investigated and cleared by Child Protective Services two times previously, agrees to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence once and for all.

Catch up on what you missed in Part 1!

Deceptive or Not Deceptive?
Dr. Phil sits down with this family to reveal the results of Jason's polygraph test. Has he ever touched his daughter for sexual purposes?

"When Jason is cleared, I want to tell my mother to leave us alone " forever." 


Still Cause for Concern?
Find out why Dr. Phil says he's still concerned about Karen and Jason's daughter and what they should do next. Plus, will Melody be allowed to see her granddaughter again, and can this family ever heal?

"Is this over, between you and your mother?"




Hot Sauce Mom" Update 
Jessica's story caused a hotbed of controversy when she sent Dr. Phil a video of her administering hot sauce and cold showers to her adopted son as a form of punishment. The shocking video brought Robin and many studio audience members to tears. What happened since the show and how is the family now?

"He gave me strategies to try. He gave me hope."