Brett and Mandy are engaged to be married and have three young daughters. Mandy says from the outside, they appear to have it all together, but the reality is far different.


Addicted or a Handy Excuse?
Brett says he's addicted to sex, online pornography and talking dirty to other women. He says his fiancée, Mandy, isn't meeting his needs and uses his indiscretions as an excuse to push him away. Mandy says Brett is a liar and a cheater, and it's difficult for her to be intimate with him.

"If you loved me, then you would give me what I need." 


Another Secret?
Mandy says she knows that Brett has been physical with two other women during their relationship, and she's caught him multiple times communicating with women online or through texting, but does she know all of his secrets? Brett admits he's still lying to Mandy and has something to reveal.

"Nothing that comes out of your mouth is the truth and never has been." 


A Time for Truth
Brett insists he's never had a sexual relationship with anyone other than his fiancée. Mandy says she doesn't believe him and wants to know if he's lying. Brett agrees to take a polygraph test. Will this help begin the healing of their relationship?


"If you've done everything else, why wouldn't you have had sexual intercourse with somebody?"