Dr. Phil speaks with Tiffany and Mindy, sisters who say they haven't been able to come to terms with their mother's selfish behavior. Will Phyllis own her parenting mistakes and apologize? Plus, hear from a woman who's proud to be selfish, a group who has reason to be selfish " and find out why Dr. Phil is celebrating being the center of attention!




Me, Me, Me Mother

Mindy, 44, and Tiffany, 38, say they've spent a lifetime with their selfish mother, Phyllis. The matriarch says not only was she a good mother, she was a great one. Hear what they say were their mom's acts of selfishness, including announcing her divorce on her daughter's 16th birthday! Dr. Phil doesn't mince words with this mother.


"We didn't go through the divorce, except we felt like you divorced us, too."



Still Selfish after all These Years? 

Mindy and Tiffany say their mother is even jealous of them as adults and must hover in the spotlight always, including wearing white to her own daughter's wedding. Will Phyllis learn how to have the relationship that her daughters crave so badly? 


"No, Mom, you love yourself more."



A Selfish Intervention

Shauna isn't shy about calling herself amazing, always putting herself first, and even speaking of herself in the third person. So how does her friend, Chanell, handle her self-absorbed pal? Can Dr. Phil fix perfection and find Shauna's redeeming selflessness?


"What's so spectacular about you?" 

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A Reason to be Selfish

Bekki and Amanda, along with the entire 17 Day Diet team, have cause to be the center of attention " they're working hard to lose weight and seeing amazing results. Hear from several dieters about their progress, and find out how you can join the challenge!


"Give yourself 17 days, and you'll be where these girls are!"



Dr. Phil Celebrates 1,500!

Season nine brings the 1,500th show, which Dr. Phil marks with appearances by his oldest and youngest fans!